About Us

Why Was Farragut Animated Started?

Farragut Animated was created for animators and graphic design enthusiasts so that they can stay current with tools of the trade. Our service is aimed at people who want to know the inside and out of a time-sensitive activity that is based on complicate software use on high-speed computers. We tell you the effective use of animation and graphics in today’s developing trends.

Why Animation And Graphic Designs?

The excitement around moving pictures has been there among people for ages. But the capacity to create even passable animation requires skill and talent that few people have, even until today. Achieving animation that is almost life-like is not easy. It is considered as one of the most complex parts of graphic designing. While skill and know-how are part of making animation, it also requires the technological expertise of very particular software.

Our Journey

The journey of Farragut Animated began with an amateur animator who wanted to keep up with the different online presentation animation tools that cropped up over the past half-decade. It was to take advantage of the simplified process of designing animation that seeded the plant of this website. The site gathers information about the best tools and the ones that are hardest to use because we know that for each designer the optimum tool might differ.

Our Objective

The long-term objective of Farragut Animated is to make the use of web-based tools for animation easier. We want to help people create animations that are perfect for everyday application as well as for unique and singular projects.

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