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Fashion Design is a broad term that encompasses various disciplines, including textile or accessory design and brand management. Design is a career stream that candidates pursue at the undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctorate level to become designers. However, the curriculum for design courses varies depending on the specialization and college chosen by the candidates. Candidates can pursue design degree programs in various design colleges in Chennai. It is broadly classified into interior, fashion, product, graphic, textile, web, apparel, industrial, jewelry, furniture, and more.

An Overview Of Design Courses

Design is the process of making something visually appealing and understandable to the public. It consists of various courses, including graphic design, fashion design, and graphic design. Design is critical to communicating your message to your audience/viewers in any field. Therefore, design entrance exams are becoming increasingly popular in India. Most design colleges administer an entrance exam to narrow down the pool of candidates for admission. Based on their entrance examinations, the students will be admitted into colleges.

Design is a vast discipline that encompasses a variety of specializations and different types of educational opportunities. There are many different designing courses available in India, and the most common are short-term certificate courses. However, the mainstream design courses that are available include:

  • A Bachelor of Arts degree in design is a well-recognized credential for those wishing to pursue a design career.
  • A Master’s degree in design is a two-year postgraduate program in the liberal arts and sciences and requires a bachelor’s degree.
  • PhD in design is a two-year program that opens doors to opportunities in teaching.

Furthermore, diploma and certificate courses are also available in design at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, depending on the institution.

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Design Careers And Its Specializations

In recent years, technological advancements have transformed graphic design into an established professional specialization. A design course teaches students about the fundamentals of the design process and profession. Design graduates are hired by corporate employers, fashion designers, and universities. The scope for a design course in Chennai with its various branches and specializations is discussed to understand better.

  • A design aspirant fascinated by jewelry designs may wish to pursue this field as a career and design ornaments or accessories.
  • Candidates who complete an exhibition design course can work as exhibition designers.
  • A course in ceramic & glass design will give the designation to work as ceramic or glass designers, interior decorators, and so on.
  • Industrial design is a broad field that includes automotive design, product design, and many others.
  • Product design is a subset of industrial design that involves leveraging design skills and technical know-how to improve the aesthetics and functionality of manufactured goods.

The design profession has evolved from an occasional hobby to a full-fledged specialization. A design course is the next step for aspiring designers to determine the type of course and pursue it. With better insight into the various courses and specializations available in fashion design, you can now study and pursue an interesting career along with emerging technologies. Read More

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