User Policy

Farragut Animated takes the privacy of its users very seriously. Therefore, before we detail our terms of use and privacy policy, we give you advice. When a user accesses our website, they implicitly agree with the privacy policy. If for any reason, you do not consent to the terms of use and privacy policy, or to any changes made in the future, please stop using the site immediately.
The Privacy Policy listed below explains what information we gather through our website, when would we share or disclose it to a third party and how we use the collected data. Please note that the Terms of Use and Privacy policy are the rules that govern your use of the site. In case of legal liability, these terms and conditions will hold. From time to time, we may require a user to agree to additional or altered policies.
The type of data we collect from users is of two kinds. Non-identifiable data like cookies is gathered automatically by use of technology. Personal information is obtained only after you consent to it. The Personally Identifiable Information may include but is not limited to name, phone number, physical address, email-id, debit/credit card details, etc. Both identifiable and non-identifiable information is used to provide a better service to you.
Since your privacy is vital to us, we ensure that the information we have obtained is kept secure at all times. We promise to protect the information to the best of our capabilities. Only a few employees have access to your private information in an offline environment. We also promise to not disclose or share your personal data with a third party.

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