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For beginners, it is important to consider the different types of animations. This is the only way to determine which storytelling style and work flow is best for you. Below are some of the most popular forms of animation worldwide.

None of these can be interpreted as a systematic classification. Each is called a medium for its aesthetic purpose. The limits of art have yet to be discovered.

Spider and Spider -Man and -Verse are excellent examples of how different interpretations of the same animation can coexist. In both films, everything begins with traditional techniques. In Spider-Man, the animators produce picture-by-picture sequences of scenes.

Traditional or Hand drawn animation:

Hand-drawn animations require a deft eye and unsurpassed precision to capture even the smallest movements of props and characters. The animator moves a pencil on a sheet using software dummies or hand-drawn conventional animations. This is because it is more intuitive than the normal way of distinguishing floors.

Computerised 2D animation
It is seen as a significant trend following the rise of streaming platforms for video content. Like movies, it uses PowerPoint presentations and flash animations for a low-data user experience. Many web series use 2D animations for their micro animated niche material. Two of the most popular 2D animated series are Rick and Morty and South Park.

3D animation

When 3D technology became available, people began to see animation as a possible career path. The ability to give meaning to two-dimensional animated scenes opened up new avenues of exploration. All animation styles have contributed to the development of animation into a multi-billion dollar entertainment industry.

Animation achieves a high degree of photo realist by the use of lighting, texturing and camera movements in a three-dimensional environment. Unlike other types of animation, 3D animation involves many phases, including modelling, rigging and rendering. It improves the visualization of clips and is used in more practical areas such as medicine, biotechnology and aerospace.

Due to the cost of animation techniques, the demand for 3D animation artists is increasing. Students begin to pursue a career in animation.

In this technique, objects are moved and photographed at regular intervals. Images are stacked on top of each other to create a smooth flow of movement.

Animation in stop motion
Stop-motion animation is a cost-effective production method. Depending on the type of object used, these can be sound, puppet or cut-up animations. Although it is time-consuming and tedious, it has the advantage over digital animations that textures offer a higher degree of realism.

Kubo has two strands of Oscar-nominated stop-motion animated films. Claymation is the most popular form of stop motion animation. It is a form of clay formation that can be executed in 3D, 4D or 4D.

Claymation is very difficult to master as it is difficult to keep the mold intact and immune to environmental conditions. The recording process ensures that the sound is not polluted, which can lead to fingerprints and dust. Modelling clay is a flexible material that is used as the main support.

Regardless of which animation style you prefer, there is always something to do with each and every now and then with different types of animation in computer

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