Animation and Web Design – How Do The Two Go Hand In Hand?



Designing Sites With Animation
For a long time, people believed that animation was limited to cartoons or at the most 3D movies. Currently, you take a look at leading Web Design Company in Chennai, they will be investing in animation experts. One of the most common elements on the website is web animations and motion. Put pithily, web design and animation do go hand in hand. Today, when companies want to provide a smooth user experience, they resort to animation. Some of the ways we utilise it in designing sites are:
• Hover effects
• Simple GIFs
• Moving images
• Videos

Animated Image with the word make your own animationAll these aspects are employed to:
• Guide user to information
• Communicate a message
• Catch their attention
• Show that an action has achieved a result
In other words, to prove to users that they have interacted with the sight successfully and ergo, cater to customer happiness. Let’s take a look at two methods through which animation effects website design.
• It guides the user.

Uses Of Animation
One of the primary uses of animation is to direct the viewer or reader to action. When you add an animated element to a webpage, it creates a micro-interaction. For example, on clicking a CTA button, a circle completes itself which shows the user that the action they took has been accomplished. It guides the user that the next step can be made. Another micro-interaction that can happen with animation is when you want a specific feature of the web page to be highlighted.
• It keeps it simple.

One of the errors web designers make is to incorporate too many illustrations, CTAs, and texts on the page. Ultimately, instead of helping the user find their way, it distracts them. Why? Because when faced with a deluge of options the user would rather leave the site than take action. So, cluttering a page is not the answer. Using animated elements can help solve this issue. Animation allows you to keep the design simple and effective. Even a basic GIF will catch attention and motivate a user to act.

In summary, animation can significantly enhance the design of a website. The only condition is that there should not be an Image that shows like a queue of different templates of websitesoverload of it. A lot of moving effects will:
• Cause visual chaos
• Slow down the site
• Bring in poor user experience

The trick is to keep the site chic, visually appealing and exciting without bogging it down too much. Overload is the one thing from which every marketer and designer should stay away. One more piece of advice when using animation in web designing is to keep it real. As life-like, the animation is, the better its effect. If you want your patron to take immediate action, you need to offer a more reactive visual cue than a flat design that moves in just one dimension.

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