Graphic Design And Web Design – Definitely Not The Same Thing



When people jump onto the Web Design bandwagon, they rarely realise that the field is very different from Graphic Designing. Yes, the crux of the work is somewhat similar, but their roles can be poles apart. The difference is further impacted because the two professions seldom see eye to eye. As with all other industries, Graphic Designers believe that their work is a level above than web designers. Why? Because the former work with print media which is considered the harder format.

There are reverse cases too, where web designers believe that graphics people lack because they do not comprehend the world wide web. So, to ensure that every person steps into the field with a clear understanding of the responsibilities of the two careers, we penned down the differences.

What Is Graphic Design?

When a person creates images and graphics using photos, typography, etc. to portray an idea or concept, it is called graphic design. The most common platform where it is used is the print media, though there has been a proliferation of graphics on the internet too. The graphics thus created are used to make:
• Posters
• Brochures
• Other branding materials
The field of graphic designing doesn’t require any knowledge about programming. It just fashions graphics that are utilised in published and printed work.

What is a Web Design?

The role of web designers is similar to graphic creators in the sense that they too employ typography, videos, images, etc. to create a graphical picture. The difference is that the end result is used only on websites, i.e., the World Wide Web. The world of web design also has some limitations attached to it such as:

• The graphic should be light in weight so that sites load fast
• It should run efficiently.
• File size should be appropriate
• The screen resolution should match the file type

Most often, web designing has to sacrifice the quality of the graphic so that speed and performance are not affected negatively. To be a web designer one has to have knowledge of two languages – HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). It is only then that a design can be transformed into a site that actually works.

Where Does The Difference Lie?

The two fields have many small yet significant variations, but the major one lies in the medium used by the two. One is restricted to the web, and the other has complete freedom. Additionally, graphic designers do not need to:
• Consider programming when making illustrations
• Think over resolution issues
• Wonder if the speed will be affected

Their visuals can be purely artistic and explanatory. Web design, on the other hand, needs to strike a balance between good visual, speed and efficiency.

The confusion between the two roles is compounded because clients, companies, and layman do not understand the difference. Moreover, sometimes there are professionals who are able to perform both responsibilities equally well. But such cases are sporadic. The hope is that with advancement in technology, the blurring will cease.

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