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Little big idea

Chris Moody who is the Wolff Olins’s creative director states that 2017 design theme remains as a big impact. He also shared that the best work has been achieved by working on the small stuff. He also added that graphic designs remain as the most striking thing when they focus on something extraordinary and utilize to develop something with beauty, distinctiveness, and clarity. It is referred to as Little big idea. 2018 was mostly about simple and clear ideas executed with insight and intelligence to develop radical, real impact.

Bangs of vivid colors

You would have noticed in the design world there are extra colors lately. It is right. It has become common to use splashes of bright corals, electric yellows, and vivid blues. These colors have replaced the reticent colors that were used in the past. Most designers and brands are including attractive and vivid colors to the pallets and beyond.
If you are not aware of vivid colors, you need to think about including lighter hues which attention-grabbing and intense. Last year, bold colors dominated the list. But this year, bright and vivid colors are occupying the supreme position. One of the major trendsetting companies- Apple has included vivid colors in its design recently. It is expected that these colors would continue hereafter.

Strong typographic principal points

In the last few years, it is well known that we have watched typefaces and bold fonts remain as the norm. The bold font remains simple to read especially when it is used on the mobile devices and social media feeds. It can quickly project individuality, innovation, and strength. The bold font remains as the secondary partner to various other design elements. This year, it is expected to see bold fonts occupying the main focal point. It will be included in various graphics. When the graphic requires to grab attention within a few seconds, the bold fonts will be used appropriately. It is mostly seen in flyer, social media graphic or poster.

The bold fonts express strength and remain appropriate for the athletic display. If you want something colorful, you need to check the bold fonts that are used in the CalArts design project.

It actually masters the graphics. It fits excellent with the vivid color palette. It does not mean that you should develop text heavy graphics but include elements in the right way.

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