Motion Graphics Trends in 2021



This way you can ensure that your customers and their venues receive the best possible service. Business trends last a long time, what worked in 2019 will work in 2020. Trends change over time, so you need to stay up to date with the types of graphic design

Three Dimensions Everywhere:
The above video is an example of a 3D video created by our team for one of our famous customers, Mbit. The data from 2D and 3D sources are mixed together. People in the video can see that Storey Motion Graphics artists combine 2D with 3D, and that’s something that’s very common in 2019. The combination of 2D / 3D animation and the inclusion of 2D over layer movements are two examples.

This trend is reflected in high-budget television videos and low-budget digital advertising. At the moment, we have to break the rules in order to achieve excellent results. We have to avoid stretching and playing with text and photos. Kinetic typography revolves around movable typefaces.

Typography that’s kinetic & Broken Text:
Kinetic typography, in which letters are stretched, twisted and distorted, is widespread. Some designers play with broken text to offer poetic videos of meaning, and the public seems to like it. Many others seem to be experimenting with it, too.

VFX of the highest caliber:
Adding complex visual effects to videos can attract the attention of the audience. Scenes used in movies include explosions, firestorms and other computer-generated animations. Large corporations are beginning to embrace the idea of motion graphics for logos and animations. We can add various visual effects to logos so that they work together to attract the attention of users.

Seamless transitions for animated logos:
When artists try to draw thin lines in the style of the original painting, the experiment seems to be successful. The lines in a video can perform a number of functions, including orientation, deciding on the shape and much more. Designers use smart technology and a few cuts to give the video a natural feel, which ensures a smooth process.

Animations in grain retro style:
GRAIN is an excellent way to add depth to vector images without adding roughness. It is a technique we can use to bring otherwise flat images to life.

Designers use it to keep videos fresh and give them a nostalgic feel. Changing shapes, concepts, morphing logos, images, and other objects in videos is gaining popularity to demonstrate fast and smooth transitions that appeal to users with short attention spans. According to a survey, 38% of users avoid using unattractive websites and applications. Motion Graphics for

Web and Apps:
There will be more retro-motion graphics in 2019. Motion graphics models will become more common on the Web and in mobile apps to keep visitors, animate logos, and breathe life into boring graphics and load screens.

The aim of isometric design is to represent three-dimensional elements within a two-dimensional frame. It is good to draw attention to the most important elements. Designed with Liquid Motion Isometric:

Designers inject fluid movements in to videos and replace clean transitions with splashy movements. It can be fun to watch liquids transform in to different shapes.

Large bold fonts are used in moving graphics and images to emphasize the message. The fonts should be broad and bold. Digital surrealism adds garish graphics that seem familiar at the same time.

The New Minimalism:
The last topic we will deal with in this article is the new minimalism. This is a more sophisticated form of minimalism, which consists exclusively of text. We will add textures, looped music, bold and flowing shapes and other elements to the video to bring modern minimalism to it.

The trends listed below have a great chance of being useful to the majority of companies that require motion graphics and animation. For example, if you sell medicinal supplements, you should not use rock music in the intro, even if it is trendy. The latest trends are popular with certain types of videos, and moving image artists should not forget that video selection depends on video quality. Examine the trends listed above and select the trend that best suits your needs.

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