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Predictions for the Animation Industry

One of the most appealing aspects of graphic design is the fact that there is always something new to learn. Graphic design trends are constantly changing, so choosing the right one for you is crucial. The year 2021 will be dedicated to design, including graphic design and illustration.

In fact, 2020 has been a difficult year, and 2021 is the year of science fiction and future technology. Expect 3D typography, monochrome, duotone and gold as the themes of the future.

In 2021, bold colours and brushed typefaces will be the dominant design trends. Sticking to the right aesthetic trends will have a significant impact on your marketing campaigns. These trends are already effective and will remain so in the future.

In this article we will look at animation forecasts for 2021 and beyond.

It will be a delightful year with lots of colors, bright textures and round shapes that will delight the eyes. Live action animations will blend better than ever into the real world.

Realistic 3D shapes combined with motion capture will get the most attention, and 3D deserves to be at the top of our list of animation trend forecasts. The implementation of 3D effects will be more difficult and we will notice the desire for simplicity, rounded curves and purity of futuristic features.

We expect many elements inspired by nature in 2021 as nature regains popularity.Music videos have incorporated a lot of doodles, animated effects and unusual designs in recent years.

Over the years, the animation has become bolder, livelier, more colorful and more pop. For the first time this year we are experiencing a mixture of live action and animation.

Animations must be captivating, entertaining and visually appealing to attract your attention. These are not music videos, explanatory videos, fashion ads, commercials or anything else, but don’t be surprised to see them everywhere.

Strange shapes, typography, icons of science and elements that set the tone and give symbolic power to the backgrounds of the action film.The use and development of interesting textures is top of the list when it comes to animated trends and forecasts for 2021.

Textures and animations are attractive because they convey credibility and strange concepts. People who like tactile beings and wires will recognize and enjoy diverse textures. To take advantage of textures and achieve realism and interest, apply the following strategies.

Textures such as animations and other forms of creative work can trigger a multitude of emotions in the viewer. Consider the contrast between a simple ball and a ball wrapped in fur.

The one you want to touch and the one that gives you a warm feeling. Textures, last but not least, add a dimension to your animations and help you establish a unique style for them.

Audio quality is crucial. If you don’t have good sound effects, no matter how fantastic your animations are, do half the work. Don’t ignore sound effects because they tell half the story.

Consider how important sound effects in horror films are to the atmosphere of the experience. Imagine a glass breaking or someone eating a slice of cake, and you can immediately recognize the sound of the scene.

Sound can help your animation stand out and enrich the story. You can also use sounds to convey emotions and feelings for your characters.

At this stage, there are a variety of art styles to choose from. Strange, unique characters dominate animation trends and predictions for 2021. Trends include futuristic characters, bright colours and round shapes.

Different character styles give you more options. Top options for 2021 include geometric shapes, doughy figures, cartoon characters, realistic characters and shapes with originality.

As we have already said, realism is an essential part of this year’s animation trends. Therefore, it is crucial to achieve realistic facial motions for your characters in your animations. Adobe Character Animator, which integrates facial recognition, converts your facial movements into the faces of cartoon characters. It is an excellent software for non-designers to make your own facial gestures.

The use of flat colours in the form of textures is the most widespread. The outlines of the characters are stylized in such a way that they and the background are clearly visible. Other aspects are speech bubbles, colour contrasts, dots and grain.

Regardless of the type of animation you create, the most important component of your animation is the story. Our brains are wired to capture stories, remember them and search for them, so make sure you and your audience have a compelling story.

Tell a story about a character that your audience can relate to as a way to engage them. Let the character describe her social standing, her feelings, problems and demands. This is the key to storytelling.

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