Starship Farragut: On The Road To Success




A web series is a series of scripted videos in episodic form. Starship Farragut is a Star Trek fan based web series featuring the happenings in the spaceship Farragut. The popularity of web series is rising recently with the heavy usage of Internet.

Let’s Take A Look At The Episodes
The stories or plots of the various episodes of the Starship Farragut are simply mind-blowing. This entices the viewers to watch all the episodes of the web series so as to know the complete story. We also publish trailers of every episode of the Starship Farragut web series. The trailers were made attractive so that it attracts the viewers. We also update the release dates of the various episodes of the web series Starship Farragut.

The Making Process
The Starship Farragut is a web series featuring the various happenings aboard a spaceship. Viewers are treated to a unique experience as they are taken through the making process of the web series, through our website. Thousands of people have viewed our videos on the making process of Starship Farragut. This attracts people to watch our webs series regularly.

Starship Farragut

Awards Received
The Starship Farragut received various awards for featuring the happenings in the spaceship. We regularly update about the various awards announced for our web series. We also keep posted about the various award functions conducted to motivate the makers of web series. We also update reviews published in leading newspapers and magazines about our web series. The reviews given by people talk more about the web series and make them watch the web series regularly.

Use Of Latest Technologies
We also have released two animated episodes of the web series. Animated episodes are of great popularity. We make use of the latest technology to offer realistic and quality animations. We have software that works on the design concepts and animation software that offer high-quality animations. The studio is equipped with powerful computers to process heavy rendering. We have redesigned the effect of creating lighting and shadow in our studio. We are still looking for means to improve the technology in our Farragut studio. We have also published a comic book based on the web series.

Promotional Parties
We give a glimpse of the various promotional parties that take place before the release of a new episode. Recently there was a promotional party organised by the team of Starship Farragut. It was organised to promote our latest episode Homecoming. The party was based on the theme of the episode. The party was hosted by famous event planners to enhance the popularity of the web series. Some of the popular event planners who worked towards the success of the promotional party are Berkely City Club, Bluefish, Kiyoh and lot more. These event planners organised the promotional party based on the central theme of the latest episode to be featured. recently published an article about the promotional party organised by our team.

Thus we try to update the latest happenings of the web series both off-screen and on-screen to improve its popularity.

5 Replies to “Starship Farragut: On The Road To Success”

  1. Alex Shiflet says:

    The trailers of the epsiodes were interesting.They do not inform about the release dates of their latest eposodes

  2. Antonio Tanner says:

    I am a regular viewer of the web series.The comic book released is a great hit for the web series

  3. Ben Amante says:

    The animations featured in the webs series are of high quality.The web series do not attract children.

  4. Bennett Howell says:

    The web series succeded in featuring the exact happenings in the spaceship Farragut. The spaceship of the Farragut and the other elements were not carefully replicated.

  5. Alena Jaime says:

    Many people started to watch the web series after reading the reviews in newspaper.

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