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Cartoons are enjoyed by children and adults alike and modern cartoon applications are here to offer a whole new experience to the audience. There are some innovative and highly functional tools that can give life to your imagination. Gone are the days where comic prints were created by those who have the gift of creating artwork. Today we can create high quality artistry form that is flexible. Irrespective of being a comedian or artist you can create stunning comics to tell bedtime stories for your child or even for professional purposes. Some of the best cartoon drawing tools is listed below to give you a whole new experience to create your very own comic strips.

For traditional cartoons
If you are into traditional hard-drawn stuff then Pencil2D is the ideal tool to improve your presentation. The tool is sure to impress anyone. The tool uses vector drawing methodology to create animation and graphics. The software is available for free and is developed by a group of enthusiastic users. The tool comes with state of the art features and is ideal for starter who wants to make an attempt in cartoon creation. The noteworthy features include autosave, copy and paste, simple user interface and keyboard shortcuts.

Creates powerful animation
When it is time for some powerful animation, you can count on Adobe Animate CC. The tool can be used to create a host of animated subjects. Moreover, you can export content and distribute it on exclusive platforms like HTML5 Canvas, Snap SVG or WebGL. If you are looking to create amazing cartoons, then this is the ideal tool as it comes with a host of tools. There are built-in tools to handle the creation of the cartoons. The advantage of using this software is that it comes with Adobe Stocks giving you access to a number of superior quality vector graphics and photographs.

The benefits of using this software comes with ability to alter the stoke path once it is drawn. You can also scale the drawing to the resolution of your choice without having to lose the image quality. It gives you scope to create complex animations by using adjacent frames with different color choice.

A versatile animation tool
Photoshop is a well known animation tool used globally thanks to its versatility that helps you create amazing cartoons by attaching frames. The Timeline panel is used to create stunning animation frames. Using Photoshop you can add a number of frame in between already existing frames to create an illusion of motion. The tool facilitates creation of hand-drawn frame by frame animation. The process of creating hand drawn animation frame by frame takes a longer time as you need to create frames on a video layer and polish the details.

For complex animation
Another useful tool to create 2D animation is After Effects. It is the right software used to create powerful and complex animation software. It is used to design visual effects and professional graphics. This tool is ideal for those who do not want to create intricate animations. This is a special tool that copies your facial expression to animate the character. All you need to do is to switch on the webcam and make funny faces. The tools allow you to share your creations across devices and apps using Creative Cloud.

For the old schoolers
If you are looking to create some classic cartoons then, TVPaint is the best choice. This is your perfect animation tool that comes with a host of advanced parameters. The tool is suitable for both starters and professional artists. The tool adapts bitmap technology giving you a natural rendering effect for every image you create. Later you can use it to mix both paper and digital animation for the perfect blend of animations. The key features include paperless animation, easy navigation and flip panel to customize animation previews.

You quest for the right animation tools ends here. There are number of reliable and powerful tools available to create striking animations but it is up to the creator to make the right choice. Depending upon the project type, the creator can choose a suitable tool that can fulfill their requirements. Go through the features before taking a decision.

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