A Sneak Peek Into The World Of Designing Tools For Cartoons



Learning is the only thing which is constant in life. It has nothing to do with age. Schooling is one such aspect which lays the foundation for learning in every individual’s life. Students should enjoy learning, and one feels so, only when his/her learning experience is made interesting. Learning can be made interesting if its content is made attractive and descriptive. Picturisation or cartoon designing makes learning easy and interesting. Designing tools for cartoons are available in plenty. Some of the tools are.

It is an easy tool and it is used to create fun comics. It enables the user to import images and create comics out of it.

Working with chogger
Enter into the Chogger’s site and then click on “build a comic now” button. By doing so “chogger comic strip creator” will be displayed. Of the layouts available choose one. You are allowed to add images from the net or use pictures of your own. Editing of the images can also be done using the various tools available in the top left corner. Once you are done with image, drag the image to the desired location on the workscreen. You can also add in text using the text bubble tool which is available in the left corner. The format, style and size of the text can be modified. One can also choose balloon/box (region in which the text appears) from the various option available and then drag in the text to its desired position in the work place. The layout or background of the picture can also be altered. Continue this process until your completely done with your desired comic. Now click on “finish” button. Add title, description to your comic and then press “Publish comic”. Your comic is ready for use now.

Strip Generator:
It’s a free tool and allows every user to create comic strip. Its basic version is available with the basic sign up.

Working With Strip Generator:
Once you enter into its webpage, press “Create a new strip” button. Go to the “Frames” button and then click on the template you prefer from the options available. The users are also allowed to change the appearance of the template by zooming in and out and edit frames. One can also add different items(text,effects,pictures) to the layout. Adjusting of the items are also allowed by clicking on it and transforming them according to the user’s wish. Then click on “finish” button once when your done with your cartoon and then press “publish”. This generates your desired comic.

Make Beliefs Comix:
It is a simple tool used to create comics with posh look.

Working With Make Beliefs Comix:
Once you are into its website click on “start here” button which leads you to the comic creator webpage. At the end of its page, below the comic panel you will find different options available like text, thought balloons/box, objects, pictures, layouts etc. Double click on the item you wish to include in your comic. The users are also allowed to modify the panels by changing its color using the toolbar available in the right bottom corner of the page. Also by using the options available on the left, one can add on transformations to the comic. Finally when you are done, click on “print/email” button and save your work.

It is used to create cartoons with originality.

Working With Toondoo:
Once you enter into the Toondoo site, sign in using a username, password, and email-id. This leads to the Toondoo homepage. Click on “Toons” tab and then press “create toon”. Initially, select a layout you wish to work on. This leads to the Toondoo creator. From the top left corner, add items(characters, images, text, effects,cliparts) from your gallery and from the options present at the bottom of the page, the user is allowed to transform and change the size of the items. The user is also allowed to add pictures from the net. Then click on “Toondoo start here” option and then press “save” button. Add title, description to the cartoon and finally press “publish” to get your fun comic.

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