Career Opportunities For Animators In The Recent Years



Animation is becoming popular in recent years, and there are attractive career opportunities for animators all over the world. You might have enjoyed cartoon films and television ads that feature animation in your childhood. Thus animation served as entertainment at all times. Today animated feature films are becoming popular. The outsourcing model made the animation industry to grow in India. Therefore there is a golden opportunity for Indian animators as International film production companies are using them.

Recent Trend In Animation
Today there is a drastic demand for augmented reality and virtual reality. Due to the advent of smartphones animation has reached the common man easily. VFX and gaming platforms have seen tremendous development with the use of animations. The media industry of India is growing globally among the other sectors due to animation. The use of smartphones, TVs, tablets, etc. have made the animation more popular and it is the primary reason for its growth. A lot of contents are available through the above devices. Animation and VFX is the recent trend which is about to grow exponentially in the next five years.

Demand For Animation Courses
It is evident that animation and multimedia course are in high demand as it offers some attractive career opportunities. There is a high demand for animators in recent years in the film and media industry. Thus people are interested in taking up an animation course that has created a need for the same. 3D graphic artists have the opportunity to work from remote locations, and this makes it more popular.

Becoming A 3D Animator
In this competitive field, it is essential that you possess the required skill and education for becoming a 3D animator. A 3D animator should have strong fundamental knowledge about graphics and animation workflow. You must have a rich portfolio so that you can showcase your skills as a 3D animator to others. Creativity is essential to become highly successful in this field.

  • A 3D animator should complete the following courses.
  • Pre-Production Courses: This includes character design, storyboarding, etc.
  • Production Courses: Layout and Animation
  • Post-production Courses: Editing, Lighting, and animation.

Choose a degree that covers art and design in the curriculum as this would be easy for pursuing other graphics related courses. Choose an education program which includes the following concepts of animation.

  • Drawing
  • Scripting
  • Storytelling
  • Conceptualization
  • 2D and 3D animation
  • Character development and a lot more.

Thus it is true that there is an attractive career opportunity for animators in the present.

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