How Does Animation work?



Animation is a popular technology that is being used to give life to lifeless objects. There are various techniques through which one can achieve animation. 2D animation, 3D animation, and computer animation are the most popular types of animation techniques widely used. Animation is common in the film industry and media. There are two kinds of animation namely computer-assisted animation and computer-generated animation. The 2D animation generally falls under computer-assisted animation as humans draw the objects. The keyframes are created and offered effects with the help of a computer. Computer generated animations is nothing but making objects by modeling in a plane of X, Y, Z axis and thus it is possible to create 3D objects. Here you would get to know about the basics of animation and how it works.

Basics Of 3D Computer Generated Object
Animation works with basic objects that are created by humans or computer generated. Computer generated objects are 3D, and this gives a real effect of an object or character. There are software being used for creating 3D objects like Maya, Blender, 3D Max, etc. With the help of the built-in primitive shapes available with the above software, it is possible to create simple and complex objects. Rotating the objects in any angle is possible. At first, when you try to model an object, it is called as a wireframe. This wireframe is offered color and texture, and it is made to look realistic. This is done using a material editor. Lighting is a substantial effect that is provided to the object to increase its depth.

The Actual Animation Process
Firstly when one has to create an animation character, a pen or pencil is required for coming up with various sketches of the character based on the requirements for the film. The animator now models the character sketch in 3D on the computer. You can also create a model of the character and scan it to create a wireframe model. The next step is to create an articulated model which is nothing but a character with an internal skeleton. This would help in the movement of the character. The character is posed in different positions by the animator, and the computer fills the in-between frames. This is done by inverse kinematics.
Character movements can also be achieved through motion capture. Here several sensors are used to capture the motion of the character. The computer records the various actions of different sensors and uses them in different ways.

The above is the necessary explanation of how animation works.

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