Knowing About The Types Of Animation



Animation is a process where pictures or images are manipulated so that they appear as moving. Today animation is achieved with the help of computer software. Here you would get to know about the different types of animations that are prevalent.

2D Animation
This is a type of animation where the animation is created by using the 2D drawings. Handmade drawings are two-dimensional drawings that are transformed into a form of animation. It is also possible to build a computer-assisted 2D animation. The 2D animation software used is Flash or after effect cut out animation. You would have known that several TV series was created using Flash.

3D Animation
Several films are created using 3D animation. 3D refers to three-dimensional images that are mostly computer-generated images. These images give an illusion of higher accuracy and feel of space. This type of animation has revolutionized the animation industry. Toy Story was the first computer-animated feature film. Several popular animation films are based on CGI animation .3D animation is also called as computer special effects where a sequence of flat and two dimensional images are projected on the screen. 3D animation creates a spatial effect.

Stop Motion
This is one type of animation where a camera is used to shot a live frame by frame. This is also called as Stop Frame Animation. Clay animations fall under this category. The stop motion animation looks more or less the same as 3D animation. But computer animation is only referred to as 3D animation. You can witness special physical effects using stop motion. It possesses a unique and powerful appeal. The objects in the screen look exceptional, and it is beyond your expectations. It can animate live humans in its unique way. Cut-Out is a popular form of Stop Motion where construction paper or cut out characters are used. The cardboard is moved little by little in each frame, and this creates an illusion of movement.

Motion Graphics
Animated logos and typography are some of the forms of motion graphics which is widely used in the animation industry. Here the graphical elements are made to move generally for commercial or promotional purposes. This type of animation is used in advertisements and commercials apps, advertisements, film openings, etc. Motion graphic depends on the program that you use as it is different from video editing software. There are various software that is used for coming up with motion graphics.
The above are some of the different types of animation that are widely used.

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