What Are The Different Infographic Design Trends



A Review Of the Most Popular Infographic Design Trends

Let’s talk about the latest infographic design trends. We’ve already discussed the graphic design trends for this year in another post. Today we will take a more focused approach and discuss how these relate to data visualisation. The big resurgence in 3D design, nature-inspired graphics, cartoons and geometry are used in infographics. The Pantone colours of 2021, Illuminating, and Ultimate Grey play a significant role in the designs this year across all creative fields, including fashion. There is a List Of CBSE Schools In Chennai, which teaches through Infographic Design. Nowadays this is a trend in many famous schools too.

You will notice that many of these patterns are returning in 2021. However, they have a cleaner and more modern look. Let’s look at the new trends, including colour variety, sophisticated colourlessness and dark mode neon light.

Different Infographic Shapes

Geometric Shapes that are Easy to Understand

Set to peak in 2021, huge solid blocks and geometric designs are making a comeback. It is amazing how simple shapes can be used to communicate complex ideas with strong solids and outlines. We will therefore start with infographics of geometric shapes or other elements specifically designed for this purpose.

Geometric components, both isometric and 2D, are simpler to understand, more user-friendly, better at presenting data, and easier to use than other types. All the rest can be achieved by using a colour contrast.

You can also use geometric forms to create illustrations that are both entertaining and visually appealing. A designer can create infographic elements using simple forms and high-contrast colour combinations.

Children's temperatures being checked by the school nurse.

Art with straight lines

This fashion trend brings us back to our roots. Lines are responsible for creating shapes, patterns and movement in design. They are responsible for animating the scene and communicating the story. Infographics look smart, professional, and on-point because they use clean lines.

Lines look great in dark mode, and it gives a modern, high-tech look. This combination is extremely beneficial for computer science, technology, and graphic design infographics.

When lines are used with simple flat drawings, animated infographics can be entertaining and easy to understand. This animated graphic depicts the creation of a video and the process of visualising the data.

These are colourless palettes that lack colour
In 2021, muted tones will be a prominent part of design trends. This style is unique because it goes against the standard of traditional vibrant colours, almost like a rebel. This is the best way to compete without being competitive, and it works every single time.

Highlights in Neon

Bright colours are at the opposite end of the spectrum, and they are always in fashion. They scream for attention. We are not talking about neon colour palettes as popular in the 1980s or 1990s. Instead, we will be using a high-contrast dark background and a few important pieces in neon colours for this year. It has a refreshing futuristic look, and a clean, modern feel that is very appealing.

Another great use of the dark mode is that infographics look like blueprints. This gives the user a sense of professionalism.


Cartoon style has been so popular over a long time that it has become an evergreen trend. They are diverse, interesting, eye-catching, bright, personal, and captivating. They can be used to create memorable artwork and adapt to any media environment.

Last Remarks

Graphic design is growing at an incredible rate. We all want to be the best and stay fashionable. Despite this, fashions change; however, the passion for art remains. You can do what you love and bend the trends to suit your style. You may be the one setting new fashion trends. One thing is certain; designers will have exciting years in the future. We can’t wait for what they have in store. Read More

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